How safe is MMS?

During the past many years people in various nations around the world have employed MMS (Chlorine Dioxide) being a detoxifying agent. Sporadic clinical records and blood tests have been recorded by doctors and nurses. With MMS established to be a remarkable technique of defeating viruses as well as bacterium, it practices that a thoughtful analysis is needed regarding the effect of MMS on numerous diseases and health issues.

This website makes an effort to document any professional medical and scientific writings, lectures, and peer-reviewed investigation reports that have surfaced. Particularly individuals which evaluate the fundamental chemistry and bio-chemical mechanisms which generate the MMS results we read about in a variety of success stories. Testimonials and success stories are nice to read but they lack the rigor that professional individuals expect to discover. We seek schollarly analysis papers that report statistical outcomes from controlled tests and experiments.

Chlorine dioxide is often a well-known water purifier, a germicidal gas once applied externally, a mineral health supplement, as well as an important detoxifying solution when utilized internally. The writings and articles catalogued below supply a collective basis for stating in general that MMS is usually a powerful and beneficial anti-bacterial agent when taken internally within limits which are widely published.

The process of drinking a couple of drops of activated MMS to be a detoxifying solution (activated as per the recommendations) has been experienced by at least 300000 individuals whom purchased the one-year supply since 2006.

Probably 210,000 of these persons continue to consume a handful of drops of MMS a handful of times each week in a "health maintenance mode". MMS began to be distributed beginning in 2006 under the name "Miracle Mineral Supplement" or (MMS).

The concern arises for a few men and women "Has MMS been researched with rigor? Is it harmless to take internally? Are there researchers whom acknowledge it's advantages? In the event that I consult medical doctors about MMS will they understand what I am asking about? Are there bibliographies of scholarly exploration content and articles that offer considerate valuations of chlorine dioxide like a safe broad-spectrum detoxifying agent?"

Chlorine Dioxide isn't classified like a medicine. It is a germicidal solution in addition to a deodorizer. The ClO2 gas has been in continuous use for about Seventy years. "Stabilized oxygen" or "stablized water" has been a rival product in drug shops for many years. So where are the scientists that may describe how ClO2 (from activated MMS) might aim for viruses and microbes which invade our bodies whilst doing absolutely no harm to living cells?

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